Welcome. Munrobius is Alan J Munro.

I am a consultant researcher studying people, use of new technologies, and interactions through them. I have 14 years post doctoral experience in research of new technologies, and I have consulted for industry and EU funded projects. I have also been invited to teach these methods and discuss them in many different institutions.  

My training is primarily in ethnographic fieldwork. I have done ethnographic research in many different fields, and have fed the knowledge gained into many different projects, in both academic and industrial worlds. I have researched use of new technologies, and provided insight into the possibilities of new technology from existing activities and behaviour. 

I have worked in widely multi-disciplinary groups, working with designers, computer scientists, artists, architects, theorists, and others who do not quite fit in disciplinary boundaries.

I have also curated an electronic arts festival and compered sessions at the Doors of Perception conference.

These pages give a little more information about me. Please look at my services page to see how I might help your project or organization. You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions.