Some technical stuff you might want to know about...

Video and analysis formats

Depending on the needs of the project, data segments can be provided ina number of formats. These are useful for illustrating conclusions or showing how conclusions were reached. They can also be useful down the line for illustrating requirements for different communities in the development of the project or technology. Small well-chosen data segments can be very powerful in illustrating particular design decisions.

A Canon XM2 3CCD video camera provides broadcast quality digital video which can be filmed in widescreen or standard 4:3. Still 'grabs' or short segments can be provided as circumstances require. Data segments can be provided on MiniDV tape, VHS or DVD with many options available as the audience requires. It's also possible to put segments on a secure, password-protected web directory on my server to be viewed remotely. Still photographs can of course be provided as well. I can also record broadcast quality segments on to compact cassete, DAT, mp3, AIFF, WAV or even as podcasts. 


Non-disclosure agreements can of course be signed if needed.

Email from my server is only accessed and sent using SSL (secure sockets layer). Most organisations overlook this simple and important security measure. Data can be uploaded into restricted areas on my server and access through SSL-enabled browsers or Secure FTP.