Here is a selection of some of my publications.  I am currently working on a few papers. I'll put them up as soon as I have reasonable versions.


Some papers

This paper was written after an atelier led by me at the Convivio Summerschool in Rome in September of 2003. It was a good event, and I think everyone from all the ateliers came out with something worthwhile. I was lucky to have a really talented and interesting bunch of people in my group. These things are sometimes so emotional: people can feel sometimes like strangling each other, and one's failings can end up paraded in front of one's eyes; but if you're prepared to learn, you can learn a lot about yourself. In the end we worked pretty cohesively, and I was really impressed by the way in which the group all pulled together and did a storming presentation. This paper is but an iceberg tip of a bunch of really interesting thoughts and concepts generated.

This paper was written by my atelier group and me after the i3 Summerschool at Interaction Institute Ivrea (now moving, sadly) in September 2001. We had just finished and arrived back at our respective countries when the world went mad.

This was written up after a workshop Elizabeth and I did at ECSCW 01 in Bonn. We were interested in the ways in which our workplace would change with the advent of ubiquitous and mobile technologies and the ramifications of that change.